What is RENEREX?

With RENEREX Rödl & Partner provides a platform for a secure exchange of project information between investors and project developers / project vendors. Thereby the project developers / project vendors stay in control on which information is shared with potential investors and investors have the possibility to search specifically for a particular technology or country.

RENEREX is available for project developers / project vendors and investors worldwide and provides links to information on RE support programs that can reduce technology, country-, and credit risks.In this way, Rödl & Partner contributes to the expansion of renewable energies in international markets.

Detailed information about the functionalities of RENEREX can be found here.

How does the registration work?

1. Fill in your data (Depending on the role you choose: “Project Developer / Project Vendor” or “Investor”)

  • Click on „Register“ on the RENEREX homepage
  • Fill in your personal data
  • Fill in your company’s data
  • Choose the renewable energy sectors that are of interest to you and/or in which your company has been active
  • Accept the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy and set your own password
  • Click on register

2. Confirm your E-Mail address

You will receive an E-Mail to confirm your E-Mail address. If you don’t receive an E-Mail please check your SPAM – folder or contact us via the given contact form.

3. Plausibility check by Rödl & Partner

  • Identity check of the registered investors and project developers / project vendors by the experts of Rödl & Partner
  • Non-serious offers on the platform will be rejected to create greater confidence between all participants

4. Confirmation E-Mail

After the plausibility check you will receive a confirmation E-Mail regarding the activation of your account. Now you can enter RENEREX.

Project developer / project vendor:

1. Create your project on RENEREX

  • Fill in your data
  • Choose if your data should be visible to all investors (“Public”) or upon request (“Confidential”)
  • Upload any additional brochures or project teaser as you wish
  • Save your project (Click button!). It will then appear in your cockpit and is visible only to you.

 2. Adjustments to your project

Before you request publication you are always able to edit your projects. Just click on “Edit” and make your changes.

3. Plausibility check

Please click on “Preview/Publish” in your cockpit and then on “Request Publication”. After that experts of Rödl & Partner will conduct a brief plausibility check of your project. During that process you cannot make changes in your project.

4. Confirmation Mail

 After your project has been approved you will receive a confirmation E-Mail. Now your project is visible to all investors on RENEREX. If your project has been denied you will receive a confirmation mail as well.


1. Finding interesting projects

If you see an interesting project in your cockpit please click on it for further information. At this stage you have access to project data marked in green (“Public” information level) only.

2. Access to Confidential information

If you are interested in data classified as “Confidential” (marked in red) by the project developer / project vendor please click on “Request confidential access”. Now the project developer / project vendor will receive your request and decides whether to grant you permission to view this data.

3. Confirmation E-Mail

Depending on the project developer’s / project vendor’s decision you will receive an E-Mail confirming if your request has been approved or denied.

Do I enter any obligation with the registration or do I have to expect any charges?

No! Neither by registration as an investor or project developer / project vendor nor by the creation of projects or a request of further information you enter any obligation. Furthermore, Rödl & Partner doesn’t charge any fees for the usage of RENEREX.

Of course we will support your pursued project transaction by providing our consulting services to you.

Your data will not be disclosed publicly by us, nor transferred to any third parties.