Renerex Update: Now also for PPA projects!

With the latest update, RENEREX addresses the current trend in the financing of RE projects through PPA contracts. By implementing the new user group – the PPA offtaker– it is now possible to search specifically for offtakers from the project developer’s point of view as well as directly for PPA suitable projects in the role of a PPA offtaker.

We are happy to announce that in addition to the first PPA offtakers 186 project developers / project vendors as well as 154 investors are already registered on RENEREX.

Rödl & Partner makes RENEREX available to project developers / project vendors, investors and PPA offtakers in order to securely exchange information about renewable energy projects. Project developers / project vendors completely control which information they wish to share with which potential investors or PPA offtaker. Investors and PPA offtakers benefit from the fact that their identity remains protected until they express their interest in a specific renewable energy project.

Rödl & Partner offers numerous consulting services for your renewable energy project. From traditional legal and tax consulting to addressing financing & technology or market-specific questions, we are your expert contact.

RENEREX is free of charge. Register right away!

Your benefits:

  • Internationality: RENEREX is open to project developers / project vendors, PPA offtakers and investors from around the World.
  • Usability: The right project is only three clicks away.
  • Up to Date: Projects are being archived automatically unless the project developer / project vendor confirms that they are still current.
  • Security: RENEREX is fully SSL-secured and is being hosted in Germany according to German and European Privacy Law.
  • Trust: Projects and users’ identities are subject to a brief plausibility check.
  • Confidentiality: RENEREX allows users to choose the desired project partner to share information with, and which information to share.
  • Support: RENEREX allows users to contact our local RE experts quickly and directly, in case support is requested.

>>> Detailed information on how RENEREX works and your contact person regarding questions can be found here. <<<