We are happy to announce that 129 project developers / project vendors as well as 124 investors are already registered on RENEREX.

Rödl & Partner makes RENEREX available to project developers / project vendors and investors in order to securely exchange information about renewable energy projects. Project developers / project vendors completely control which information they wish to share with which potential investors. Investors benefit from the fact that their identity remains protected until they express their interest in a specific renewable energy project.

RENEREX is free of charge. Register right away!

Your benefits:

  • Internationality: RENEREX is open to project developers / project vendors and investors from around the World.
  • Usability: The right project is only three clicks away.
  • Up to Date: Projects are being archived automatically unless the project developer / project vendor confirms that they are still current.
  • Security: RENEREX is fully SSL-secured and is being hosted in Germany according to German and European Privacy Law.
  • Trust: Projects and users’ identities are subject to a brief plausibility check.
  • Confidentiality: RENEREX allows users to choose the desired project partner to share information with, and which information to share.
  • Added Value: RENEREX links to RE support programs based on the location and technology of the project.
  • Support: RENEREX allows users to contact our local RE experts quickly and directly, in case support is requested.

>>> Detailed information on how RENEREX works and your contact person regarding questions can be found here. <<<